Last year we started testing and planting the Dominique apple. The initial results are promising. The apple is resistant to powdery mildew and fireblight and it is scab resistant. Additionally, Dominique provides continuous taste quality and the trees are very productive.

The first pounds of Dominique apples were picked last year from the tree. Director Adrie van Kessel named this new apple after his daughter, Dominique.

The idea
We want to put a good, healthy, tasteful and sustainable apple in the market.

The start
In Belgium, in collaboration with Almakúti, universities and Better3Fruit a new apple was developed. With much care and attention the product was developed, with Dominique as a result.

The looks
The apple looks good, has a smooth skin with bright red blush. It has a fresh taste. The apple is big, firm and juicy.

The apple is grown locally in the Balaton National Park - Felvidéki in Hungary. A park that is well known, and thanks to the fertile soil is an ideal place for growing fruit.


• Resistant to powdery mildew and fireblight
• Scab resistent
• Continuous taste quality
• Uniform in shape and size
• Highly productive apple trees
• Excellent storage
• Long shelf life and freshness


Are you interested in cultivating this apple variety? Please contact our office for more information.