In 1996 a storage facility of around 200 m2 was built to house the machine plant.

In 1997, a 1,404 m2 structure was built, furnished with 8 ULO (Ultra Low Oxygen) cold storage units with a total capacity of around 818 tons. This building also houses the washing and changing facilities and offices.

The complex was expanded by 3,600 m2 in 2000. This new area includes a refrigerated shipping section with two loading platforms. 2,307 tons of cold storage capacity was built. The total cold storage capacity since September 2000 has been 3,125 tons, including 2,410 tons ULO storage.

Almakúti Kft. increased cold storage capacity by a further 1,307 ton in 2004. Cold storage capacity now totals 4,432 tons, of which 3,526 tons is ULO storage, 906 tons CA storage and around 150 tons of the ULO section is suitable for storing pears. In addition, the complex includes about 468 m2 of machine room and 204 m2 loft space.