Modern planting, protected cultivation, environmentally friendly practices and a professional cooling and sorting installation

Is led by Dutch method and meets all requirements set by the market, today and in the future.

A total of net 92 acres in use for apple production, resulting in 4 to 4.5 million kilos of fruit each year



Could one have suspected 800 years ago, that 4,5 million kilos of apples would be cultivated at our company every year? We will never know for sure, but it certainly looks like it; Almakúti is an old name for 'apple source'. Residents of the 13th century named the area like this because of the many apple trees that were around.

We have the disposal of 215 hectares of land which is equivalent to 430 soccer fields. More than 400,000 trees are planted here. Each year we cultivate 4.5 million kilo apples in an environmentally friendly way. The company is situated in the magnificent national park of Balaton – Felvidéki. Everything is done in-house, from cultivation to packaging. We use modern machinery, there is a sorting plant and ULO cooling. Herein the apples are stored under low oxygen, in airtight cells so that they stay fresh for months.

Rewarded as exemplary company
We are one of the largest employers from the region, and in 2000 we received an award as token of acknowledgement and gratitude for the activities in the region. This fits the Corporate Social Responsibility, a policy which we started years ago. Since then, many students completed their thesis at our company. In 2013 we are rewarded by the Agricultural Faculty of the Pannon University as an exemplary company.